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Carbon Card

Paymentsystem to calculate carbon footprint



Weekly Market

The Exerzierplatz is a very central and historically charged place located on Holtenauer street in Kiel. Besides being used as a parking lot, there is also the weekly market. There is a stark contrast between low and high carbon lifestyles in the same location. Most of the products in the weekly market are bio vegetables , they are supplied from nearby farms, so they are more environmentally friendly. Such a low-carbon lifestyle should and is becoming a new trendy lifestyle for nearby residents.



Carbon Card

A payment system designed specifically for the weekly market in the Exerzierplatz. A combination of physical cards and virtual apps to calculate and analyze carbon footprints based on digital transactions. In this way, users are not only educated about the environmental impact of their transactions, but also provided with a simplified, engaging and user-friendly visual representation of the data.

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Visualize Your Carbon Footprint

The system visualizes the carbon emissions of food across the supply chain. And according to the data website provided by the University of Oxford, the carbon footprint of food is divided into low-carbon, medium-carbon and high-carbon.Different colors represent different foods.

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