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Cosmetic Card

Cosmetics made of sustainable materials based on fruit peel



Waste of  Cosmetics

Girls' pursuit of cosmetic variety leads them to buy two to three times as much makeup as they use every day. Three-quarters girls currently use expired cosmetics. This can lead to pimples, pustules, and other skin irritations. And throwing away expired cosmetics is also a great waste.



Mini Cosmetic Card

So the mini-makeup trend exists. This not only reduces the cost of trying different products. It also allows the use of natural, edible and pure plant materials without preservatives.With this cosmetics-card, you can go truly zero waste. Mini cosmetics can be used up immediately, so no chemical additives are required. Made of 100% recycled paper and 100% natural colors can be recycled. 



Fruit Peels

Fruits and vegetables make up 39% of all food waste, most of which is discarded peels, and 20% of all municipal solid waste. And because peels are an excellent cellulose, they have the potential to be a new renewable, sustainable and cost-effective raw material. And the rich colour of the peel makes it possible to use it as a cosmetic product.

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